The client-server chat for local and corporate networks

MyChat is a client/server chat program that’s perfect for sending messages and exchanging files within an office or company. It can work within a company network or via the internet.

MyChat will be useful to companies that need a way to facilitate internal communication when public IM systems such as WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype are not permitted due to limited internet access or company security requirements intended to prevent information loss.

You won’t have any problems like that with MyChat. You set up the server yourself, and you can control absolutely everything.

What do you get when you install MyChat network chat?

Client-server architecture

Runs reliably on any network. You set up the server within your company and have total control over everything that happens in chat.

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The server runs within the company, so all correspondence is confidential and doesn’t end up on the internet. Data transfer is reliably protected by OpenSSL.

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Active Directory Integration

Import your Active Directory users into MyChat. Use transparent authorization and combine several different domains into one company chat information field.

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Guaranteed delivery

Rest assured that your messages will always be delivered, even if the person isn’t online. Send messages immediately to a number of people with confirmation, so you know who read them and when.

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You can customize almost everything: the appearance of the chat, access to functions or a different user rights. And all this can be done remotely from the Web console server management through a browser.

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Electronic bulletin board

Do you want to notify all your employees about something important, wish someone a happy birthday, or tell your staff about a meeting quickly — or, more importantly, all at once? The built-in bulletin board will help you do just that!

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Automatic contact list

Your employees don’t need to create contact lists on their own. In the MyChat control console the administrator can create a phonebook that perfectly matches the structure of the company.

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Integrate with anything

MyChat is included in the context menu of Windows Explorer for fast file transfer. You can also integrate MyChat with MS Office and other programs in your company through the Integration API.

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Transferring files and folders

What is most important in the transmission of files?
Easy to share.
Transmission speed.
Reliable delivery.
All this you get using a corporate messenger MyChat.

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Presence status

You always know whether the person you’re talking to is online and can respond or is busy and not to be disturbed. It’s faster and more reliable than email.

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MyChat point you to an error in the message text, for quick dialing, you can accidentally miss not notice the typo. Always pleasant to receive messages without error.

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Audio and video calls in chat

Call for free, with no restrictions. All calls are made through your server, and no one can eavesdrop on them. Everything is under your control.

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WEB-chat for site

Communicate with your customers and colleagues via web chat. Your companion does not need anything to install and configure. Invite people in corporate chat in one click through the service MyChat Guest.

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FTP file server

At the corporate chat you get ready FTP file server. It is possible to store their documents and files that are available from MyChat Client, Windows Explorer or any in FTP-client.

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Remote Control Software

In MyChat have free plug-in for remote control of computers on a local network. Module UltraVNC become an invaluable tool for technical support of company.

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Excellent technical support

Have any questions or need expert help? Be sure — our team is always will help you!

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Insert images and screenshots

Send pictures directly in the message. You can simply pass the screen shot his companion.

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Auto update

MyChat client can be updated directly from the chat server, it will greatly facilitate the transition to a new version of the program administrator.

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