NTLM authorization for MyChat users in Active Directory.
Importing via LDAP

If your company uses Active Directory, MyChat is the perfect choice for your company messenger.

1. Automatic installation and updating

MSI packet for installation via group policies (GPO) on any number of computers on your network. Fast and reliable.

2. Importing users from a domain

Automatically via LDAP or script. All information previously entered by your employees is available. No additional chat registration is necessary.

3. Transparent authorization

People don’t need to enter any logins or passwords – the MyChat client connects to the company chat server and obtains authorization automatically using the Windows user login (NTLM).

4. Support for any number of domains

It doesn’t matter if your company has one domain or ten, the MyChat server will support them all. You can also use mixed authorization and combine regular and domain users.

5. AD authorization in the web chat

The MyChat server can authorize your remote employees in any browser.

Installation and configuration of MyChat in Active Directory (Windows Server 2012 R2)

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