How to install chat in local network?

If you have ever heard that installing your own messenger service on your local or corporate network is difficult, we'll try to convince you that it doesn't have to be.

MyChat office messenger is a product that works as soon as it's launched, without requiring any initial setup. Read more...

MyChat Office Messenger: your own corporate IM solution with voip/video chat and Kanban board

Currently everybody use dozen of different messengers and even all of them together satisfy nobody for some reason. Do you need the only special IT solution for any kind of collaboration between your employees? Likely, you don’t want to pay for this too much, you don’t want it to be on third-party servers you cannot control.


What corporate messenger have we to choose for work in LAN and through the Internet?

Nowadays companies pay attention on the instant messages exchange systems.

It’s very actual question what corporate messenger we need to choose. There are several types of corporate IM described in this review, their advantages and disadvantages.


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