Safe messaging in MyChat

When it comes to company chat, security is the first thing you look for when choosing a program for employee messaging.

What does MyChat have to offer?

1. Encrypted messages

All messages are encrypted using dynamic session keys via the TLS 1.2 protocol. MyChat uses OpenSSL technology.

This means you can safely connect employees to your company server over the internet.

2. Correspondence history on your server

All correspondence history is stored on the company server, not on internet public servers such as Skype, ICQ, Viber, or Slack.

It can be viewed by your security service if necessary.

3. Encrypted client database

If your user database falls into someone else’s hands (for example, a lost laptop or flash drive containing the portable version), the correspondence history cannot be read.

4. User authorization control

The server can filter the IP and MAC addresses of the users that connect to it. Additional protection is also available for MyChat servers that access the internet for employees from external company departments.

5. Permission and limitation system

All users are divided into groups based on permissions. Everything can be adjusted, from permissions for individual company messenger services to the external appearance of the user application. All changes can be made by the administrator “on the fly” and without reloading.

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