Visual structure of company departments, general employees list

A visual tree-style company structure clearly shows the hierarchy of affiliates, departments, offices, and branches. This is a general contact list of all company chat users.

This is where you go to find the employee you need to initiate a conversation, a business call, or the transfer of necessary documents.

1. Centralized configuration by an administrator

All your users receive a phonebook automatically, in real time, even when the administrator is making changes. Employees don’t have to add themselves to other people’s contact lists — they’re already there!

2. Find your place in the structure of departments

The entire company structure is presented in the form of a tree-style list. The level of nesting is unlimited. You can set the hierarchy however you want. You will know exactly which affiliate or department an office or subdivision is related to.

3. Find the employees you need quickly

It’s easy to find a person in a division or affiliate — even if you don’t know their name. The general contact list will help you adapt new hires to the company structure more quickly. Smart search will help you quickly retrieve the employees you need from the general list.

4. Write messages and read your conversation history

It’s easy to do, right from the contact list. Just one mouse click, and you’re already talking to the person. MyChat automatically shows your message history when you begin a conversation.

5. Send documents

You can send an unlimited number of files and folders right from the context menu, even to offline users, with no restrictions.

6. Make voice and video calls

They’re free, with high-quality audio and no noise or echo. It works well even on poor connections, either in the MyChat client for Windows or in a web browser.

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