Client-server messenger architecture.
Instant messaging on your company network

Client-server. This means MyChat will work well and reliably on networks of any level of quality or complexity. On high-speed gigabit company networks. On slow connections via mobile GPRS. On satellite connection channels with a five-second ping. Over the internet. In other words, everywhere.

MyChat’s protocol is optimized to transmit data quickly and reliably. It isn’t resource-intensive, so it works well even on less powerful connections.

In addition to the client-server architecture you get:

1. Controllability

Adjust all settings centrally, administrating only the MyChat server via a web console control panel. Changes are applied instantly – no reloading required. MyChat powerful system of permissions and limitations manages all the finer points of the functionality of user applications.

2. Protection against wiretapping

The server is under your control, not somewhere on the internet, so the security of your employee meetings is guaranteed. All correspondence history is stored on your server, within your own network.

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