Computer remote control in local network

Manage computers in your network remotely by free plug-in UltraVNC or Radmin that is built in MyChat!

1. Remote management program of your choice!

Radmin or UltraVNC: you can choose the one that is more suitable for you. If you already use Radmin in your network then everything is obvious. But if you have no remote management software we recommend you to take advantage of UltraVNC free plug-in that is built in MyChat.

2. Computer remote management

One-click connection from a common contact list of company employees, private conversation, conference, etc.

A few seconds — and you have a remote computer screen on your monitor. You can type, use a mouse and do everything like it's your computer.

3. Fast user support

Administrator does not waste time for visiting users to solve their problems, and company employees do not have to wait technical specialists coming.

During remote management, you can help a person by commenting your actions using a voice call.

4. Manage your employee activity on working computers

Useful for directors.You can connect to any remote office computer to view the screen without using another user mouse and keyboard. MyChat system of permissions and restrictions let you configure who is allowed to do such actions and who is not.

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