Guaranteed message delivery

Reliable message delivery is the cornerstone of MyChat. Your messages will never get lost and will always be delivered, even if the person isn’t online.

Message delivery status in MyChat Client for Windows

1. Fast, reliable delivery

Guaranteed message delivery. You see when your message was delivered to the recipient – in real time. There are no limitations on the size or number of messages.

2. Messages for offline users

Send messages to people who aren’t online. All messages will be delivered to the recipient with an indication of when they were sent. You can send automatic notifications to employee email.

3. Monitor receipt and reading

View an easy-to-use table showing who received notifications and when they were actually read. Notifications can have “expiration dates,” times after which they are no longer relevant.

4. Notify any number of employees

Just two mouse clicks. Notification templates, employee lists, and message-receipt monitoring, online and offline.

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