Presence status in chat: "online", "offline", "busy, do not disturb", "away"

You have to agree, when you send a message, it’s very useful to know whether or not it will be read right away. Presence status in chat gives you this capability.

1. Automatic "away" status

The program automatically determines when a person has not been at their workstation for a long time and immediately changes their status to "away". You can see this in the chat window.

2. "Do not disturb" mode

Set this status, and the messenger will not alert you to incoming messages either visually or with sound effects. This is useful when you are busy with an important matter and cannot be distracted during that time.

3. You know when the person you’re talking to isn’t online

But even then you can still send them messages, images, and documents. They will receive them immediately as soon as they go online. They can also be automatically notified by email that they have a message in company chat.

4 "Typing" mode

It often happens that during a private conversation you send a message, then immediately begin waiting for a response without knowing whether the person is actually going to respond or not. To help you avoid interrupting the other person and know for sure they are writing a response, the program automatically notifies you of this by displaying this mode.

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