Company bulletin board

Take advantage of the special electronic bulletin board to reliably notify all your employees about important events.

Bulletin board in MyChat for Windows

1. Easy-to-use notifications, fine-tuned access

It’s easy to notify all users in the company about important events with just two mouse clicks. Set which user groups can post announcements and which can only read them.

2. Reliability and guaranteed reading

The messages appear on top of windows automatically as soon as they are sent. Important information cannot be lost. The bulletin board will automatically be shown to all employees, even if they aren’t online when the announcement is posted.

3. Set your announcement’s duration

And they’ll only stay on the board as long as they need to before being automatically sent to the archive. You can read any messages on the board if need be.

4. Post important “sticky” messages

These notifications always appear on top with a special note rather than in alphabetical order. They are intended for especially crucial situations to make sure your employees don’t miss them the important information they contain.

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