Internal forum in the chat

MyChat intranet forum

1. You do not need to install third-party software — the forum is already configured and able to work

No phpBB, Apache, MySQL and other annoying things with their configuration. The network forum works right after MyChat corporate messenger installation. Users enter the forum under the same accounts. Open https://your-server/forum in a browser — and you are already there.

2. Publish documents, instructions — any structured information

It's very convenient when you need to place large amount of information in company network for different co-workers or departments. Orders, contracts, typical templates, subordinate acts, bills, acts of reception-transfer, inventory documents...

Sort all of this data out for fast and simple access. Your co-workers will thank you. Save your time.

3. Tree-like section structure

Any level of topic nesting — as much as you need. Fast navigation, search filter; editing and removal of sections, topics and messages. Division of user rights for viewing, editing and removing sections, topics and messages.

Rights for accessing the forum are configured flexibly by user groups according to your company needs.

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