Kanban board for project and task management

Kanban is a very easy and effective methodology for project and task management in a company. Projects are divided into stages: tasks can be moved between these stages according to their status. It becomes visually clear what is happening with a project at any time interval.

Kanban board in MyChat Client for Windows

1. Projects and stages

Start any number of projects, and divide them into corresponding stages. Use the default variant or configure your own for efficiency.

2. Tasks and performers

Create tasks, assign performers and tasks directly in MyChat Client. Track your project in real-time: where things are doing well, where they are "stuck" and why.

Adding a task to MyChat Kanban board

3. Notify people about changes

Everything that happens on the Kanban board is displayed in the corporate chat: whether you create a task, write a comment, or remove a task to the "Done" stage — all those people who are assigned to this project will receive a notification.

4. The complete picture of a project

With the help of stages, you can evaluate the project readiness and check problematic parts. You can instantly see where a large number of unsolved tasks are accumulated and where you should put more effort into.

5. Work in a browser

Manage your projects on a tablet and notebook, on the road, at home — via the Internet from your corporate server. All can work in a regular browser.

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