MyChat 7.4 — multicast messages and video in the forum

  1. Private multicast messages
  2. Forwarding dialogues between people
  3. Inserting video to the forum
  4. Improvements in MyChat Client interface
  5. Database encryption
  6. WEB support update
  7. New functions for Script Engine
  8. Various helpful features
  9. Full list of changes + development history
  10. How to update to the latest version?

1. Private multicast messages

For a long period of time MyChat has a tool for sending notifications (Ctrl+F9). This is a helpful and reliable feature. However, you can't have dialogues in notifications as in private conversations.

In response to our customers' requests, we have made a tool for private multicast messages (Alt+F9). Select several people in the contact list by mouse and holding Ctrl or Shift key down, and send a private message:

Private multiacast messages MyChat Client 7.4

All sent messages get to your history, but dialogues can't be opened to avoid multiple windows. The program immediately displays responses if any.

For frequent sending use ready people lists as in notifications:

Ready people lists in MyChat notifications

By default, multicast messages allowed for all user groups. As always, you can limit access to them in User Rights managements.

2. Redirecting dialogues between people

Operators of the website support chat often face the situation when they need to redirect the conversation with a client to another more qualified operator. We have made a tool "Forward dialogue" (F6):

Forwarding dialogue in MyChat 7.4

If this is a website visitor, he sees a list of WEB chat operators to whom you can redirect the conversation. And if this is a regular MyChat user (yes, you can do it with them too), he sees all registered users except WEB Guests and blocked accounts:

Redirecting dialogue in MyChat 7.4

After this, the dialogues with this operator is closed, and the website visitor immediately connects to another operator who also opens a dialogue with this visitor.

Dialogues can be forwarded even to offline users. By default, all users have access to this feature but you can limit it in Rights Group on the server.

3. Inserting video to the forum

MyChat built-in forum is usually used as a knowledge database for employees. Here you can place instructions, documentation, various how-to guides, contracts, etc. It is easy to do all of these in the forum by using tree-like sections with a quick search.

We added the ability to insert videos to the forum. Video files downloaded on the server are physically located there too. No codecs needed as modern browsers can play this video on their own. Video size is unlimited, they are played in streaming mode.

Forum in MyChat 7.4

You can generate HTML link to a topic and transfer it to another person:

Topic preview on MyChat forum 7.4

You do not need any rights to view this link as it is shown in a read-only mode:

Topic preview on MyChat 7.4

4. Improvements in MyChat Client interface

The interface of the main window is divided into three main parts: a list of contacts on the left, dialogues texts in the middle, and a list of conference users or information about a user in a private dialogue:

MyChat 7.4 interface

We optimized the display speed of the common and personal contact list in filters if you have more than one hundred contacts. Everything works smoothly now.

We also removed a vertical splitter in conferences and private dialogues. As soon as the amount of the text is bigger, the window extends vertically:

Text splitter in MyChat 7.4

You can quickly select many users by holding right mouse click in a common or personal contact list to send notifications and multicast messages:

Selecting many users in MyChat 7.4

We have changed some menu options for opening and folding contact groups to — "Open/fold groups" (keys "/" and "*" on digital keyboard):

Folding groups in в MyChat 7.4

We've reduced processor load almost to zero in the work time control system. This change is most important for terminal sessions when clients work on the same Windows server.

In version 7.4 you can remove your birthday date in your profile (Alt+U). In case you have something to hide :) For this, clean the field with the date (Del) and press "Ok" or "Apply".

We removed the extensions panel on the right part of the window. The option for muting/unmuting sound is set on combination Shift+F5; the main window transparency configuration is set for Shift+F8:

Configuring sound in MyChat 7.4

The function for inserting a link on a file or folder in a local network was removed due to the very slow network browsing and frequent freezes. You can share links with the help of a special tool (Alt+L):

Inserting links in MyChat 7.4

If in your clipboard you have a link on a WEB or local resource (\\COMPUTER\sharedresource), this tool "understands" it and automatically places it in the window:

Inserting links in MyChat 7.4

We also add the ability to call Explorer for browsing network in this window. If you have a link to a local network resource in a clipboard, the window for inserting links will be displayed after you press Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins or RMC->"Insert".

Use new hotkeys configuration for calls and chat opening:

Hotkeys in MyChat 7.4

5. Database encryption

We use SQLite database in MyChat Client. It is very reliable, fast, and takes not too much place. But there is an disadvantage — this database it open for a third-person eyes. If "wrong" people get database files, they can read the conversations history.

Thus, in version 7.4 we added automatic database encryption for MyChat Client databases. One can copy databases but can't read what is inside:

MyChat 7.4 database encryption

The database conversion performs automatically during update and invisibly for a user.

6. WEB support update

You can configure a website support chat for working in frame (IFRAME):

Website support chat in MyChat 7.4

You no longer need to insert the code to HTML page every time you edit the support chat. All changes applied automatically:

Configuring website support chat in a frame in MyChat 7.4

You can specify the time after which the dialogue should be closed if a website visitor has not been writing anything for a long time.

7. New functions for Script Engine

As usual, we extend MyChat Script Language abilities on the server.

MyChat 7.4 has new functions mGetConfTopic and mGetConfPassword for getting topics and passwords of the text conferences by UID, and the set of functions for working with files and folders: GetDirectoriesAndFiles, MoveFile, CopyFile, CreateFolder, DeleteFolder, FolderExists.

8. Various helpful features

MyChat for Android errors displayed in a special menu on the bottom of the screen (Snackbar) instead of pop-up message (Toast). They are clickable and go to the Help page:

Client errors in MyChat for Android 7.4

In Admin Panel, in the section IP filters you can allow or forbid access to MyChat Server form Linux, macOS, intranet forum, Kanban project management, and MyChat Guest service.

MyChat Server setup file includes the Help page in English (depends on your current localisation).

Improved user import from a domain. Unfortunately, the AD does not have the default field for middle names, and administrators usually write full names in the field displayName. That is why MyChat tries to get the middle name from the field displayName (provided that ("givenName") and last name ("sn") are specified in the profile for sure

If an administrator makes a mistake when writing names with small letters, MyChat will fix it during user database import.

We have made the console command "hwid" for getting the HardwareID of a device where you run MyChat Client.

Improved user import from a CSV file: you can specify a user password and department in a common contact list (with nested sections, using the symbol "\"). Additionally, if a person's gender is unspecified, the server will try to determine it automatically.

We have also redone the function for creating the server database backup copies. The server stops its work with databases in the moment of backup process, copies them to the folder C:\ProgramData\MyChat Server\db\temp\, and restore connection with databases.

After this, the server archives the content of the temp folder to a ZIP file and deletes it. This helps to reduce delays when working with the server during a long backup process of large databases.

We removed the IP address for external clients from FTP server configuration and started using IP address or DNS name of a server for external clients from the main section of network settings.

Meet Terminal — a new tool for running console commands in the server Admin Panel:

The tool Terminal for running console commands in MyChat 7.4

9. Full list of changes + development history

MyChat 7.4 development history with comments

MyChat Client

[+] MyChat Client databases are encrypted now;
[+] hotkeys settings for calls and maximizing chat window;
[+] new tool for sending multicast private messages (Alt+F9);
[+] console command "hwid" for getting HardwareID of a device where MyChat is running;
[+] a tool for redirecting users in a private dialogue;

[*] removed fucntion "Insert", "Link", "File or folder in the local network". Improved fucntion for inserting any links in the chat ((\\, http://, https://, ftp://, file://);
[*] in the file mcdomain.reg for configuring transparent domain authorization, you can add the parameter "Secured" to enable/disable encryption on a client;
[*]MyChat Client memorizes which window was active before you switched to MyChat in order to get the focus back when the program minimized in the system tray by using Esc or the button for closing the window;
[*] removed add-ons panels on the right pert of the window;
[*] enable/disable sound in a program by using combination Shift+F5;
[*] use Shift+F8 to disable transparency for MyChat Client main window;
[*] removed settings for opening private dialogues from a contact panel and user list in conferences by mouse (deals with multi-selecting users in a contact list);
[*] when sending files in conferences and private dialogues that are located on network resources, the recipient sees a direct link to this file. Fixed;
[*] ability to delete the date of birth in personal profile (Alt+U);
[*] reduced the load on a processor almost to zero in a system for working time control;
[*] redesigned layout: on the left are contact lists (common and personal), on the middle is the chat window, on the left is the list of conference users or information about a user (if a private dialogue is open);
[*] removed a vertical separator in conferences and private dialogues. Now the height of the input window is calculated automatically;
[*] if you choose a user in a common contact list and add him to a personal contact list, then the chat automatically switches to a new contact in a personal list;
[*] multi-selecting for users in a common and personal contact list. You can send notifications, multicast private messages, and invite selected users to conferences;
[*] separate options in a context menu for expanding and minimizing contacts groups are replaced with "Expand/minimize groups" (buttons "/" and "*" on a digital keyboard);
[*] increased rendering speed of the common and private contacts in filters if there is more then a few hundred;
[*] (Mac, Linux) if a recipient can't accept files directly for some reason, he receives a private message about it;
[*] (Android) now client errors are displayed in a special menu at the bottom of the screen (Snackbar) instead of a pop-up message (Toast). They are clickable and lead to the Help page;

[-] (Android) transferring/downloading files works incorrectly sometimes on Android 8.1 and higher;
[-] "Files", "Rename duplicate files when they are received without overwriting" works incorrectly when sending files directly between clients as duplicates are not always renamed. Fixed;
[-] if a user receives a notification with attachments and his settings allow automatic file downloading from incoming notifications, and he also has not received files from the sender yet, then MyChat Client "freezes". Fixed;
[-] pop-up notification for incoming messages does not show up if a conference window is open, but the chat itself minimized or unfocused. Also, the icon does not blink in the system tray, although the sound notification works correctly. Fixed;
[-] (Console Messenger) message sending to conference does not work in console utility mcconsole.exe. Fixed;
[-] (setup) problem with MyChat automatic installer downloaded from own server. Sometimes the installation can start not in a user profile, but in Program Files. Fixed;
[-] the first group opens if you move to the search field in the main window of common contacts and click on one of the groups in the tree-like contact list. Fixed;
[-] fixed sorting in a history window of private dialogues (new messages of one day (24 hours) on the top of the others)
[-] new entries about recent dialogues are not displayed in the history window until the program restart. Fixed;
[-] MyChat Client "freezes" when you open a private dialogue. Fixed;
[-] if settings "Switch automatically to incoming messages" and "Show chat window above all windows when there is a new message in the private chat" in the section "Events", then the information about the sender and his photo are not rendered. Fixed;
[-] if you press the right mouse button on unread messages and close the dialogue, the icon in the system tray continues blinking until you restart the program (even if there are no unread dialogues left). Fixed;
[-] when clicking on a pop-up window or blinking icon in system tray, and there is an incoming private message, then the chat window opens but does not switch to this private dialogue. Fixed;
[-] rendering error of the common contact list, when blocks of nested departments are not added to the list if there is a lot of them. Fixed;
[-] (Android) critical error when choosing the server that has symbols "" in the title. Fixed;
[-] fixed error when choosing a message from a drop-down list of incoming notifications;
[-] notification rendering error , if they are created with a minimum interval of time (time difference less than a second), then buttons "Previous" and "Next" do not appear. Fixed;
[-] (Mac, Linux) conversations history is not displayed in conferences after connection failure/restore. Fixed;
[-] fixed errors when viewing a history of sent and received notifications (conversion problem UTC<=> local time) for users and a server from different time zones;
[-] when you search users (Alt+F), the first position shows UIN=-1. Fixed;
[-] (Mac, Linux) error that indicates about incompatibility of a client and server does not display.Fixed;
[-] (Android) the program crashes in the section "Servers master" in Android 4.2 and Android 4.3. Fixed;
[-] (Android) messages display symbols line start characters (L$) in Android 4.2 and Android 4.3. Fixed;

MyChat Server

[+] (MSL) function mGetConfTopic for getting a text conference topic by its identifier;
[+] (MSL) function mGetConfPassword for getting a text conference password by its identifier;
[+] (Forum) added local video uploading;
[+] (Admin) configuration for limiting the maximum upload file size on the server. By default, no limitation;
[+] new tool for running console commands in Admin Panel — Terminal;
[+] (MSL) function FolderExists to check if a folder exists on a disk;
[+] (MSL) function CopyFile for copying a file from one folder to another;
[+] (MSL) function CreateFolder for creating a folder with nested folders on the disk;
[+] (MSL) function DeleteFolder for deleting folders with their content;
[+] (MSL) function GetDirectoriesAndFiles to get a list of folders and files in a specified directory;
[+] (MSL) function MoveFile to transfer a file from one folder to another;
[+] (Admin) WEB support setting "Show website support chat in the frame";
[+] Admin) in IP filters you can allow or forbid access to myChat Server from Linux, macOS, built-in forum, Kanban project management, and MyChat Guest service;

[*] (Admin) when importing users from CSV file to MyChat Server database, if the person's gender is not specified, the server tries to determine it automatically;
[*] (Admin) added automatic saving for fields compliance when importing users from Active Directory;
[*] removed an IP address for external clients from FTP file server. Now you can use Ip address or DNS server name for external clients from the main section of network settings;
[*] improved feature of creating a backup copy of the server database.
[*] user import from CSV-file: user password, a department in the common contact list (nested, with the symbol "\");
[*] automatic import of users' patronymics from a domain using the field "displayName";
[*] when importing users from a domain, the server automatically makes the first letter as capital in a surname, name, and patronymic;
[*] the server distribution kit includes English Help;
[*] (Core) a technology of registration quality control from one IP, MAC, and HardwareID takes no account of logins but registration attempts only;

[-] (Admin) if you change user position or department and restart the server, everything came back, as if the changes were not written in the database. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) section "Rights Control", when you use a keyboard to go through items the current item displays as empty, and you can't tick it. This option will be disabled for a while to avoid interface display issues;
[-] if you "drop" a user below a tree-like section on the empty space, then contacts list will collapse until the page restart. Fixed;
[-] (Admin)if you press on "Full delete all data" and "Cancel" in the tool "Backups", you see a message that all data is deleted. Fixed;
[-] (Core) when deleting users, corresponding dialogues are not deleted. Fixed;
[-] (Support) incorrect display of messages time stamps in a history. Fixed;
[-]( Support) messages are duplicated when sending them using the button "Send" in a chat from iOS browsers. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) an error occurs when deleting a work position and there is no single user in the database. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) a dialogue for saving data is not displayed when inserting text from a clipboard to a user profile. Fixed;
[-]when updating the server from older versions, main conference with UIN=1 can automatically be renamed to "main". Fixed;
[-] (Core) MyChat Client account restore system does not work during new user registrations when the data about secret question and answer are ignored. Fixed;
[-] (Core) if a user is deleted, he remains in the WEB support group. Fixed;
[-] (Support) if a website visitor tries to restore the connection with an operator who was deleted from the list of operators, he receiveіs an error without an opportunity to connect to another operator. Fixed;
[-] (Core) when updating from older versions (5.xx), group template names appear in the common contact list; names are not displayed in Admin Panel but visible in clients. Fixed;
[-] (Forum) administrator rights are required when subscribing/unsubscribing to notifications in the forum. Fixed;
[-] (Forum) when you edit a message, the name of the creator gets replaced with the name of the person who changes it;
[-] (Forum) a message you create appears in any topic for users on the forum. Fixed;
[-] (Forum) error when deleting root departments (List index out of bounds). Fixed;
[-] (MyChat Guest) user authorization error. The system requires from the invitation sender to be in a WEB support group. Fixed;
[-] (Support) wrong display for the error №115 during disconnection that does not show the right error. Fixed.

10. How to update to the latest version?

Both commercial and free versions are updated in the same way. The server is updated first, then the clients. In general, this process is performed automatically.

Instruction for updating MyChat

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