MyChat 8 — major update

  1. New application interface
  2. Chat navigation
  3. Dialogues system
  4. Message window appearance
  5. Conferences
  6. Media calls
  7. MyChat for Android
  8. MyChat for Linux, macOS, and WEB
  9. Default Emoji instead of old smilies
  10. Tool to "wake up a user"
  11. Inserting links in the chat
  12. Console with active links
  13. First launch wizard
  14. Deleting messages in conferences and private dialogues
  15. Polish language
  16. New script functions
  17. MyChat + LDAP
  18. Let’s Encrypt certificates
  19. Managing Kanban projects
  20. Various improvements
  21. Full list of changes + development history
  22. How to update to the latest version?

1. New application interface

MyChat Client 8 has a completely new interface.

Window tabs and main toolbar removed. We redesigned window with message text, dialogues for quick navigation, and information about unread messages.

MyChat Client 8.0 new interface

MyChat Client speed increased significantly; memory consumption reduced; the application launches two times faster due to asynchronous technology of delayed start.

We also improved and simplified the large context menus that called by clicking on a user in the chat.


MyChat Client 8.0 context menu


MyChat Client 8.0 new context menu

2. Chat navigation

All navigation performed with four buttons: "Chats", "Channels", "Contacts", and "Favorites" (Ctrl+1..4):

MyChat Client 8.0 navigation

The switching works instantly; the filtration by text and names; selection for switching between common/personal contacts, unread messages, or offline/online users. No more tabs and windows as in previous versions.

"Chats" are private dialogues sorted "recent on top".

"Channels" is the same thing but in multi-user conferences.

"Contacts" is for common and personal tree-like contact lists

"Favorites" is for important notifications.

3. Dialogues system

Now dialogues are the main part of MyChat. It is the place where you most likely will start and continue communicating with other people.

New dialogues in MyChat Client 8.0

Yes, we have contacts and searching. But dialogues became such a convenient tool that we honestly recommend you to start using it as soon as possible.

With recent dialogues, you will never miss important messages, and know who sent you a message and when.

Dialogues filled automatically. You can see a person's name and photo, his last messages, and network status. View a brief text of the last message, date and time, and the number of unread messages. If the message sent by you, it displays the status "Sent", "Delivered", "Read".

4. Message window appearance

A completely redesigned engine for displaying messages in the chat:

Messages in the chat MyChat Client 8.0

Each message starts with a new line. A user's nickname specified once if a person sends a couple of messages in a row. The background displayed in a "zebra" style to see personal messages easily. The message highlights when you point the mouse cursor on a message.

The date and time stamp moved to the right (hours and minutes only). The day when a message sent also written on the right opposite to the person's name. If you point the mouse on the time stamp, you will see a hint with the information of who sent a message and when (to within seconds):

Messages time stamps in MyChat Client 8.0

5. Conferences

To create a new conference or join an existing one, you need to press the selection button in the section "Channels" (or combination of hot keys):

Conferences in MyChat Client 8.0

When you create a new conference, you automatically become a moderator. Invite people you need and choose a conference type (public, secured by password, or hidden):

Creating conferences in MyChat Client 8.0

Invite online and offline users. They join conferences automatically when online and see all messages written by you.

The tool for joining conferences provided with the searching — view who created a conference and when:

List of conferences in MyChat Client 8.0

When you join a conference by yourself or invitation, it automatically becomes a "favorite". The server includes you in this conference until you leave it.

If you are the creator of the conference and then leave it, all invited users will leave the conference too, and then it will be deleted.

Leaving the conference in MyChat Client 8.0

6. Media calls

Buttons and notifications of voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing integrated to the top of the chat window, so you never miss an incoming call.

Calls in MyChat Client 8.0

All media calls and screen sharing written to the message history that synchronized on the server. Moreover, calls with screen sharing are possible even if there is no physical microphone in the system.

We made an automatic configuration for the built-in STUN/TURN server if the server has an external IP address/domain. Improved mechanism for rebooting built-in servers — NodeJS and TURN. If somehow node.exe or turnserver.exe stays in the memory, MyChat Server deletes them from the memory after the start and launches a new copy with correct settings.

7. MyChat for Android

A very big and important change is switching to PUSH notifications. It means that the application shouldn't keep the connection with the server (which causes increased energy consumption, frequent connection issues, and disconnections from the server due to specific features of various devices).

Now the application receives notifications via built-in Google service as in other popular messengers. Messages sent on PUSH servers are encrypted. Users with a commercial version and relevant subscription do not have limitations for sending PUSH notifications. Users with free versions and commercial servers with the outdated subscription can send only 1000 PUSH notifications.

In MyChat 8, we completely redesigned the majority of the application interface windows and simplified the editing page for adding servers in the manager. Improvements for the main screen: registration via Google and Facebook (only a name and email address required).

MyChat Client 8.0 for Android

The home screen redesigned too. All the navigation in the application located at the bottom of the screen; added a new tab where all media calls displayed in chronological order. Now convenient counters for new events on tabs, and read statuses in dialogues.

In the new version, we removed default user icons and replaced them with avatars (or initials in case a photo is not available):

MyChat Client 8.0 for Android

Redesigned list of received broadcasts, now all the elements are of the same size with the option to expand the message text. Added pop-up menus where you can download files separately:

MyChat Client 8.0 for Android

Added the tool for creating a broadcast. All features are taken from win32 application: specifying broadcast relevance, choosing its type, and adding files. To make it more convenient we divided broadcasts into several stages:

MyChat Client 8.0 for Android

Updated private dialogues and conferences. Completely redesigned displaying messages; the communication appearance has one style used in all other MyChat clients.

Added a new message type —"Barcode". Now with the help of the application, you can scan any barcode or QR code and send it in a private dialogue or conference.

Added a media gallery for selected private dialogue where you can view all media from messages located in the Android local database. A sender's avatar or initials displayed next to his message. Added the option to forward dialogues to another user if this action is allowed by Rights.

MyChat Client 8.0 for Android

Moreover, a lot of work is done to increase application speed. Redesigned media calls; during a call, in a status bar, view a notification and tap on it to get back to the call or end it. Added correct processing for a phone auto-rotation during a call.

Changed sending files on the server. No more dialogue window that you can't close during the uploading process. Now, instead of this window, a notification displayed in the status bar with all the uploading information and an indication of the calculation of the checksum of the file before sending it.

8. MyChat for Linux, macOS, and WEB

The appearance and capabilities of these applications have been seriously redesigned.

When scrolling chat's text to the top, the history of a private dialogue or conference is automatically loaded. We made a global search for users and access to the internal forum in the tools section.

Made a tool to access public and personal FTP folders.

The buttons for calls located in the dialogue header, and the button for ending a call is available even when switching between different private dialogues or conferences.

In the user profile, the data is now more compact, and when you paste the image from the clipboard, you see a thumbnail of the content before sending it.

After opening the Kanban board, forum, or Admin panel in the client, after a while, if you do not re-enter there, they will be closed to avoid keeping an unnecessary connection.

This is what MyChat client for macOS looks like in real life:

MyChat Client 8.0 for macOS

Client applications for Linux and WEB are almost identical in appearance. A brief instruction on how to run MyChat on Linux Ubuntu:

MyChat Client 8.0 for Linux

9. Default Emoji instead of old smilies

Previous smilies were outdated. New smilies completely compatible with modern messengers and Unicode standard. You can copy the text with emoji, for example, from Telegram or WhatsApp, and insert it in MyChat — the message displays correctly.

New smilies in MyChat Client 8.0

So, if you have such a keyboard, MyChat will be compatible with it :)

Emoji keyboard

10. Tool to "wake up a user"

Wake up a user in MyChat Client 8.0

This feature works in private dialogues. If the interlocutor is online, his window pops up above all windows and "shaking" during 1-2 seconds with the ringing bell. This feature is not allowed to be used more than once in a minute. You can disable it on the server in the Permissions Groups.

11. Inserting links in the chat

The chat automatically recognizes local and internet links when inserting them from clipboard to the chat (Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins, and right mouse click->"Insert").

Links in MyChat Client 8.0

  • http://
  • https://
  • c:\folder\
  • d:\folder\file.txt
  • Z:\
  • file:///E:/Doc/%D0%94%D0%BE%D0%BA/
  • ftp://
  • \\COMP\Folder\
  • \\COMP\Folder\file.exe
  • "\\TOSHIBA-PC\test\mcclient77to8Test\7z.dll"
  • "\\TOSHIBA-PC\backup\txt"
  • укр.net

12. Console with active links

Now MyChat Client console displayed only when required and called from the main menu "Tools", "Console":

MyChat Client 8.0 console

Entries about errors highlighted as links. Click on them, and the Help page opens (on your server, if you are online, or on the website, if no connection):

Console errors in MyChat Client 8.0

13. First launch wizard

We redesigned and improved this tool.

First launch wizard MyChat Client 8.0

Simplified interface and texts, new "quick" buttons for navigation. Now you can rent MyChat Server. Upload the extended configuration file from a file or drag&drop it on the wizard window.

We made an automatic registration on the developer's server and simplified the form for creating a new user — two fields instead of eight (the name of a Windows user inserted automatically).

Registering a new user in MyChat Client 8.0

In the wizard, enter using the login information of an existing user, create a new one, choose a domain or regular account (by providing UIN, email, or nickname).

Ask the program to generate a password and see what is hidden behinds the dots.

14. Deleting messages in conferences and private dialogues

Now, when clicking on a time stamp of any message in a conference or private dialogue, you can delete it. If a user has rights, and he delete a message for all users on the server, if not — the messages deleted in the local database only.

Deleting messages in MyChat Client 8.0

Delete any message, even technical ones (bans, sound signals, or when conference topic changed).

On Admin Panel, in Rights Control, we added two new rules: "Deleting any messages in conferences and own local database" and "Deleting any messages in private dialogues in own local database". By default, these rules enabled for all users.

Messages physically deleted on all devices.

15. Polish language

Thanks to our user, Mariusz Jośko, MyChat Client application translated to the Polish language:

Polish language in MyChat Client 8.0

Four interface languages are currently available: Russian, English, Ukrainian, and Polish.

16. New script functions

A function LoadLineFromFile for getting any string from a text file in a specified encoding. mClosePrivateDialog for closing a private dialogue with another person for a specified user. The functions PosEx for searching for a substring in a string with offset and SaveTextToFile to save text to a file in a specified encoding.

8 new functions to work with users' personal contacts: mPersonalContactsIsUserExists, mPersonalContactsIsGroupExists, mPersonalContactsAddGroup, mPersonalContactsAddUser, mPersonalContactsClear, , mPersonalContactsDeleteUser mPersonalContactsIsEmpty , mPersonalContactsRefresh.

A couple of functions for converting UNICODE string to upper and lower case: AnsiUpperCase and AnsiLowerCase.

Several functions to work with JSON-objects: JSONValid, JSONSetFloat, JSONGetFloat, JSONKeyExists, JSONArraySetLength, JSONArrayGetDouble and JSONArraySetDouble.

New functions to work with date and time: NoDate, StrMyChatToDateTime and DateTimeToMyChatStr.

A service function mClearScriptLog for clearing logs in the developer's console. It's convenient when developing and debugging scripts.

And, finally, two functions for managing advertisement banners and MyChat brand appearance: mSetAdvOptions и mGetAdvOptions:

Scripts in MyChat Client 8.0

17. MyChat + LDAP

In the tool for importing users from Active Directory on the server, we added an LDAP filter so that we can build our query to the domain tree. For example, request only a specific unit or exclude unnecessary users from results:

LDAP in MyChat Client 8.0

18. Let’s Encrypt certificates

In the "Web Services" settings, you can generate and update free Let’s Encrypt HTTPS certificates:

Certificates MyChat Client 8.0

To do this, you must adhere to a number of conditions:

  1. you must have an external address and domain name;
  2. the domain name should be written in the "IP address or Host server for external clients" field in "Network Settings";
  3. during certificate generation, the built-in chat web server must be running on port 80. Before upgrading, you need to turn off encryption, set port 80 and restart the web server. This is a requirement of Let’s Encrypt;
  4. click Generate Keys.

When the certificates are ready, set port 443 or the one you used, enable encryption, and restart the web server.

19. Managing Kanban projects

Added the ability to edit the project: editing the name and description of the project, changing the deadline, deleting empty stages, add new ones, rename existing stages, and change their positions in the project:

Kanban в MyChat Client 8.0

Updated the Kanban project manager interface:

Kanban manager MyChat Client 8.0

The list of projects moved to the top of the screen to avoid cluttering on the left side of the screen with a constantly large list of projects.

When viewing the project, under the description, the tag clouds are displayed for quick filtering of tasks.

In task cards, only the deadline of the task is visible (if the task assigned) and the performer's name abbreviation:

Kanban tasks MyChat Client 8.0

In the "Tasks" tool, we made an additional view mode: "Table" with sorting by different properties:

Kanban tables MyChat Client 8.0

Now you can write a comment in the task card, without opening a separate window. The text of the task, description, and comments are displayed as a full list:

Kanban comments in MyChat Client 8.0

20. Various improvements

The contents of the main window are “blurred” if the user calls up a modal window for any action to catch the person’s attention. This feature disabled in settings and automatically disabled in RDP sessions.

The mechanism of working with tokens is improved when working with the FTP server in browsers and Explorer. Now it is possible to freely navigate in the Explorer between FTP folders and, for example, the "My Documents" folder, to copy and paste (upload) a file folder on the server:

FTP in MyChat Client 8.0

Two digital signatures provided for all executable files for compatibility with old and new operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and older):

Digital signatures in MyChat Client 8.0

Added English and Ukrainian dictionaries for the chat check-spelling system.

In the admin panel, in the "Web Support" tool, when the setting that affects the website support chat changes, a confirmation window appears. Previously, it was not clear when there was a change made:

Admin Panel MyChat Client 8.0

Made text placeholders in conferences and in private dialogues in the fields for typing messages:

Placeholders in MyChat Client 8.0

The private dialogues now show how much time a person is offline:

Offline statuses in MyChat Client 8.0

21. Full list of changes + development history

Development history with developers' comments

MyChat Client

[+] (Android) added editing option for all fields in the user's profile;
[+] (Android) added option to change a profile photo;
[+] Emoji standard support for emoticons;
[+] private dialogues show how long a user has been offline;
[+] placeholder text in the input field for conferences and private dialogues;
[+] (Android) added the user rights processing for viewing the active process in a user profile; option to forbid making screenshots in dialogues; blur the application window when switching between recently used applications; rights for searching users; rights to make media calls; rights to forward dialogues. All the process provided with the changes made in the application interface (hide or display some of the buttons or elements);
[+] (Android) added an extended logging for media calls and the setting for enabling a full traffic login for debugging purposes;
[+] (Android) added a new message type — "Barcode". Scan any barcode or QR code with the application and send it to a private dialogue or conference;
[+] (Android) added a media gallery for a selected private dialogue. Convenient view of all media in messages located in Android application local database;
[+] (Android) a sender avatar (or initials, if no avatar available) located next to the message;
[+] (Android) added option to forward the dialogue to another user, if it is allowed by rights;
[+] (Android) added option to create conferences;
[+] (Android) added option to create broadcast messages. The process separated into several stages for convenience. Select random registered users or users from the contact lists. All features from win32 application provided: a broadcast relevance, type, option to add files;
[+] (Android) added the dialogue with the list of attached files in the section for viewing received notifications;
[+] (Android) added new tab "Calls" where all media calls stored from all dialogues in chronological order;
[+] (Android) added hints on the login page for customers who install the application for the first time;
[+] Ctrl+PageUp, Ctrl+PageDown for switching between recent dialogues;
[+] (Linux, macOS, WEB) automatic processing of the history in dialogues and conferences when scrolling up the text in the chat;
[+] (Linux, macOS, WEB) added a global user search;
[+] (Linux, macOS, WEB) added an option to enter the forum in the tools section;
[+] added the option to insert smileys. The sets switch in settings;
[+] added the tool for accessing public and personal FTP folders;
[+] added processing for links to public and personal FTP folder;
[+] added the context menu for the user dialogue list with the button "Close the dialogue";
[+] the panel of recent dialogues for quick navigation between active private conversations and conferences;
[+] new console with active links;
[+] chat navigation located on the left side of the window performed by four buttons: "Chats", "Calls", "Contacts", "Important";
[+] the content of the main window gets blurred if a user calls a modal window for any actions. It helps to concentrate attention. The feature can be disabled in settings, and it is disabled automatically in RDP sessions;
[+] new message window look;
[+] new feature — "wake up" the user. It works in private dialogues. If a user is online, his window pops-up, and shakes with the sound. This feature can be used once in a minute. You can disable it in Rights Groups on the server;
[+] console command "ReConnect" for reconnection to the server;
[+] console command "UpdateAdv" for instant update of HTML information banner at the bottom of MyChat Client application;

[*] new tool for creating conferences (Alt+C);
[*] new tool for joining existing conferences (Alt+E);
[*] the button to display password in the account manager;
[*] removed the setting for displaying system messages in conferences;
[*] removed the setting for a date/time stamp in the chat — now it depends on the system localization only;
[*] increased MyChat Client startup speed by asynchronous loading of spelling-check dictionaries;
[*] detailed information about how long a user has been offline/online is displayed in his profile;
[*] when the winsock network error occurs in MyChat Client console, the error text is highlighted and clickable — you can open the extended Help article;
[*] (Android) completely redesigned architecture of media calls. The main improvement — a notification is always displayed in the status bar. By clicking on it, you can get back to a call or end it. Added correct processing for screen rotation during calls;
[*] (Android) changed the way of sending files on the server. The dialogue with the sending process that impossible to close until the upload on the server complete is no longer displayed; instead of this dialogue, a notification displayed with the upload progress. There is also a calculation indication of the file checksum before sending;
[*] (Android) completely redesigned message display in private dialogues and conferences. The communication appearance made in one style used for all MyChat Clients;
[*] (Android) changed the panel for selecting an attachment for sending;
[*] (Android) redesigned the list of received broadcasts. Now all elements are of the same size with the option to expand the message text;
[*] (Android) fully redesigned login page; removed extra elements;
[*] (Android) redesigned page "Servers manager". When adding or editing the list element, you can enable encryption, enter an alternative server address and domain name that will be placed automatically during login process;
[*] (Android) redesigned new user registration page;
[*] (Android) added the option to enter data from Google or Facebook account. We do not store any of this data, but only get the brief information from the user profile;
[*] (Android) redesigned home screen;
[*] (Android) navigation panel between tabs located at the bottom of the screen. You can still switch between screens as before by using swipe. Also, the panel displays indicators for new events;
[*] (Android) avatars (or initials, if no avatar available) displayed for all users;
[*] (Android) added indicators for message statuses;
[*] (Android) redesigned general appearance and element layout;
[*] instant inserting for icons "no image" or "image deleted" if an image is deleted on the server;
[*] automatic input field change when modifying the size of the main window;
[*] increased speed of client connection to the server; the Actions list cache stored locally;
[*] automatic detection of local and internet links when inserting them from clipboard to the chat (Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins and right mouse click->"Insert");
[*] auto-responder message can be disabled for websupport users;
[*] increased speed for sending private messages;
[*] (Linux, macOS, WEB) buttons for calls moved to the conversation header, and the button for ending calls is available even if you switch between different dialogues;
[*] (Linux, macOS, WEB) the data in the user profile became more compact;
[*] (Linux, macOS, WEB) when inserting images from the clipboard, you can see its preview before sending;
[*] (Linux, macOS, WEB) when opening Kanban, forum, or Admin Panel in the client, they will be shut if you don't visit them again to avoid keeping unnecessary connection;
[*] (Android) completed redesign of the user's information page that displays all fields with corresponding sections (as in win32 client app). You can view the service information about the user's computer and check his active status if you have rights to do so;
[*] (Android) added a handler for the rule "User search". When this action is not allowed, the search icon won't be displayed on the program's main page;
[*] new window in settings for selecting a folder for file storage;
[*] removed the settings "Don't show avatars" from the section "Interface";
[*] removed the settings from the section "Main": "Show users counter in chatroom tabs", "Close chat tabs by double-clicking";
[*] added the menu option for opening the console in the section "Tools". No separate tab for it left;
[*] removed the tabs for conferences and private dialogues; all navigation is done in the section "Chats";
[*] removed panel for changing own status and opening personal profile from the top left corner of the main window;
[*] the search via contacts moved from a separate line to contacts;
[*] common and personal contact lists united by one selector;
[*] removed the main toolbar;
[*] scroll the window content by mouse wheel without clicking to get the focus;
[*] redesigned and simplified context menu that you can call by right mouse click on user's nickname in the chat;
[*] improved system for deleting messages in conferences and private dialogue windows;
[*] new first launch wizard;
[*] if the server has an IP address or domain address for external clients, then during the automatic search of MyChat Servers in a local network and the program itself this address will be added as an alternative in the first launch manager to allow MyChat switching between servers;
[*] you can specify the connection port with the number less than 1024 in the server settings;
[*] the line "[19:40:56] [INFO] Windows user: toshiba" added to the connection log for identification of Windows user/domain where MyChat Client works;
[*] all voice/video calls, and screen sharing are written to the message history that synchronizes from the server; [*] when searching users (Alt+F) and a user has unspecified date of birth, the result displayed as "01.0.1900". Fixed;
[*] added English and Ukrainian dictionaries for the spell-checking system;
[*] one click on the blinking icon in the tray and the chat opens on the last incoming message;
[*] calls with screen sharing even if the system has no physical microphone;
[*] when calling the window for inserting arbitrary link (Alt+L), the filed with the link text and description is not cleared. Fixed;
[*] if the settings has disabled connection logging to a file, then then, when the application starts, the line "[INFO] Connection log disabled" will be written to a log;
[*] if the server's settings forbid connections without encryption, and MyChat Client has settings with disabled encryption, it learned to switch automatically to traffic encryption mode when connecting to the server;
[*] console command "BackupServDB" generates a link where you can download the server's database backup copy directly from MyChat Client;

[-] updating local time of a remote user when viewing his profile using F5;
[-] (Android) added a full support for incoming calls in Android 10. Recently, the call screen did not appear when the phone was locked;
[-] when clicking on the Action "License owner", a correct message displayed in the chat text without useless tags;
[-] fixed autoresponder work when the message sent only to online users;
[-] fixed the repeated query for the client settings template when logging in on the server;
[-] (Linux, macOS) the users list not displayed in notifications. Fixed;
[-] if the path for receiving files has environment variables (%HOMEPATH%, etc.), the program ignores them. Fixed;
[-] fixed inserting for conference links in the chat;
[-] (Android) when choosing or deleting the server in the servers manager, the application closes with error. Fixed;
[-] if you enable the text formatting without writing anything in the message input field and then send such message, the program "freezes". Fixed;
[-] fixed hint "Insert smile - Ctrl+S";
[-] if you enable traffic encryption in a free version setting template, the client stops connecting to the server. Fixed;
[-] (Android) when exiting the application or changing account details, the configuration "Use encryption" is not saved. Fixed;
[-] fixed error during repeat logins of domain users without using a transparent authorization;
[-] incorrect processing of the error #209, if all free connections to the server are taken. Fixed;
[-] if you specify a constant COMPUTER_NET_NAME in the settings, section "Additionally", then, if a user has no right for viewing others IP addresses, a computer name will not be displayed. Fixed;
[-] console command "Exit" does not work without connection to the server. Fixed;
[-] when changing a birthday date in a user profile (Alt+U), it clears up;

MyChat Server

[+] (MSL) function mClosePrivateDialog for program closing of the private dialogue for a specified user;
[+] (Admin) new rule in rights group "Privates", "Deleting any messages in private dialogues in own local database" (enabled by default);
[+] (Admin) (Admin) new rule in rights group "Conferences", "Deleting any messages in conferences in own local database" (enabled by default);
[+](MSL) function LoadLineFromFile for getting any string from a text file in a specified encoding;
[+] (MSL) functions mSetAdvOptions and mGetAdvOptions for managing information banners and MyChat Client interface branding;
[+] (MSL) function mClearScriptLog for clearing the developer console from logs;
[+] (MSL) function JSONKeyExists for checking the key in a object;
[+] (MSL) function NoDate for getting the value "unspecified date and time";
[+] (MSL) function StrMyChatToDateTime for converting the string with the date and time into double value;
[+] (MSL) function DateTimeToMyChatStr for converting double values of the date and time to a string of MyChat format;
[+] (MSL) function JSONArraySetLength for creating an array;
[+] (MSL) function JSONArrayGetDouble for getting the fractional number from array by index;
[+] (MSL) function JSONArraySetDouble for saving the element's fractional element by index;
[+] (MSL) function JSONGetFloat for reading real values from JSON objects;
[+] (MSL) function JSONSetFloat for writing fractional values in JSON objects;
[+] (MSL) function JSONValid for checking if JSON objects are correct;
[+] (MSL) function AnsiLowerCase for converting UNICODE line into a lower case;
[+] (MSL) function AnsiUpperCase for converting UNICODE line into the upper case;
[+] the key /LicenseKey for specifying the license key right after the server's start from a command line;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsIsUserExists for checking if a specified user exists in another person's personal contact list;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsIsGroupExistsfor checking if a group with a specified name exists in a user personal contact list;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsAddGroup for creating a new group in a user personal contact list;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsAddUser for adding a user to another person's personal contact list;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsClear for clearing a personal contact list of any user;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsDeleteUser for deleting a user from another person's personal contact list;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsIsEmpty for checking if a personal contact list is empty;
[+] (MSL) function mPersonalContactsRefresh for updating a personal contact list in online applications of MyChat Client;
[+] (MSL) function PosEx to search for a substring in a string with offset;
[+] (MSL) function SaveTextToFile for saving test to a file in a specified encoding;

[*] "MyChat Server", "Online users", IP address of Android clients displayed as Replaced with the real one;
[*] (Core) server startup speed increased by 50% after database optimization;
[*] (Admin) changed domain checking to specify a domain in Cyrillic (for example, "мойсуперсайт.рф"); used in network settings;
[*] (Core) automatic deleting of underloaded files on the server after the download repeat attempt (size control);
[*] (MSL) updated script CheckEmptyUsersFields that comes with the server. The speed was increased by 2.5;
[*] (MSL) removed the function mSendChannelMessage (deprecated), and replaced it with mSendConfMessage;
[*] (Kanban) added the ability to edit the project: edit the name and description, deadline; delete empty stages, add new ones, rename existing stages and change their positions in a project;
[*] (FTP) improved mechanism for working with tokens when dealing with FTP server in a browser and Explorer;
[*] (Core) improved mechanism for restarting built-in servers — NodeJS and TURN;
[*] (Core) improved automatic configuration of the built-in STUN/TURN server if you have an external "white" IP address/domain;
[*] (Core) after updating the user profile, the information does not update for a quick search in client applications. Fixed;
[*] (Admin) added filter for LDAP requests;
[*] (Admin) added default values for fields, when creating the client settings templates;
[*] (Support) added screenshot sending from a clipboard to Firefox;
[*] (Kanban) added a link to a task in its header;
[*] (Kanban) when opening a task, its full link displayed in the address bar;
[*] all executable files have two digital signatures for compatibility with old and new operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, and higher);
[*] (MSL) redone function GetTextFileLinesCount; correct work with texts in different encodings;
[*] (MSL) redone function AddLineToFile; write texts in different encodings + returning final file size in bytes;
[*] (MSL) redone function Protocol; time stamp starts with ""; write text in different encodings + returning final file size in bytes;

[-] (Admin) editing and storing custom fields of the users' accounts in the user management section does not work. Fixed;
[-] a check mark "Autorun with Windows" enabled when starting the server's GUI. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) fixed creation of Admin backup copy (backup copy created but can't be downloaded in a browser);
[-] (Admin) incorrect work of sorting in active conferences when sorting by a number of users and messages;
[-] (MSL) function EncodeURL works incorrectly with UNICODE characters. Fixed;
[-] (Forum) if you open the message for editing, close it, and then create a new message, the previous message is overwritten. Fixed;
[-] fixed a few errors of the system for updating message history in very old versions (5.0. and older);
[-] (MSL) the function mRemovePrivates, that is responsible for complete deleting of private message history on the server and clients, does not delete the history on those clients that were offline during the deleting process. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) when adding a new user by typing a name and pressing the button "generate password", the button "save" does not activate. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) incorrect count of sent messages in the section "Conferences", "Active conferences";
[-] (Admin) WEB interface "freezes" when saving settings in the Admin Panel section "Users", "Active Directory", "Synchronization";
[-] (MSL) function mGetUserAttribute does not return users' role names if they are without administrative rights for managing the server;
[-] (Admin) an error occurs in the common contact list when moving users groups between each other, and the server "freezes" or the contacts get mixed;
[-] when requesting information about online user's computer name, not a NETBIOS hostname but a client application version returns;
[-] (Admin) when enabling a user in his profile, his nickname changes tp "undefined". Fixed.

22. How to update to the latest version?

Both commercial and free versions are updated in the same way. The server is updated first, then the clients. In general, this process is performed automatically.

Instruction for updating MyChat

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