MyChat 6.7 — new Bulletin board

  1. What is new in common Bulletin board?
  2. View active process in real time
  3. MyChat Guest improvements to invite people in MyChat via email
  4. New features of scripting language
  5. Various improvements
  6. Full list of changes + development history

1. What is new in common Bulletin board?

New simplified design:

Simplified design of the MyChat Bulletin board

New simplified design. Fast content filter and sorting are added. Solved problems with encoding when copying text from the board to the clipboard.

In MyChat Client settings you can specify whether to display the bulletin board window on top of all windows or not; whether to notify in the tray with a flashing sign or pop-up window or not.

Настройки показа доски объявлений MyChat Client

If the user has a terminal session open on the whole screen, the bulletin board displays correctly on top of all windows.

We recommend you to configure the setting for all users remotely via the server in the "Tools" -> "Settings templates" section.

2. View active process in real time

Redesigned tool to view user active processes and computer or smartphone system information:

MyChat Client tool to view user active processes and computer or smartphone information

Double-click or Enter works on some elements of the list.

  1. IP — GeoIP service opens;
  2. NetName — NETBIOS computer name opens in Windows Explorer. You can check the list of open system folders (shares) ;
  3. Reflink — if it is a websupport user, a browser opens with a page from which this person transferred into the support chat on your website.

You can set rules for data visibility (who can see it and can't) in the user permission groups on the server: "Rights control", "Permission groups", "Profile", "View information".

Besides, there is a complete technical information about all user connections in his profile view:

MyChat technical information in the MyChat user profile view

You can check here a version, application type, time and date of the last connection, IP and MAC address, encryption used, operating system type, referral links and UserAgent browser (for websupport), local network interface lists, NetBIOS computer name and HardwareID.

3. MyChat Guest improvements to invite people in MyChat via email

If you need to talk comfortably with a person in chat then use MyChat Guest:

However, the server creates a new MyChat account for all users who receive an invitation. Previously, if an invitation was sent a couple of times, then whenever you click on the link the server created a new user account.

Because of this issue, the messages history with the same user in the chat become divided along several users with the same email address but different UIN.

The server has become smarter and tries to determine that a user with this e-mail was connected to the server before via MyChat Guest and he no longer needs to create a new account. The main criteria are matching e-mail and Gusts or WebGuests permission group.

4. New features of scripting language

A lot of functions to work with checksums, hashes, base64/UU/URL and HTTP GET encoding and decoding:

List of scripts on MyChat Server

5. Various improvements

Sometimes happens that users are connected via slow connection channels and update automatically from your MyChat Server.

It turned out that if there are a lot of people on the server then external Internet channel blocks during the update, so it becomes necessary to limit users somehow. Let them update longer, but not all at once.

We made a special option on the server to limit simultaneous downloads:

Enabling a limit for simultaneous downloads on the MyChat Server

In MyChat for Android you can view protocols to solve problems instantly:

View logs in MyChat for Android

We also added a setting to disable IP address in tokens when login into MyChat Services without a password:

Disabling IP address in tokens when entering MyChat Services

Many users use tokens to enter the Admin panel, Kanban board or forum directly from MyChat Client:

Entering the Admin panel, Kanban board and forum

When you select one of these options, MyChat requests a special one-time token from the server to enter the service you need.

The server checks the access rights, and if everything is okay, it sends you a token in response. MyChat Client opens a browser with the received link, and you enter the Admin panel, Kanban board or the forum automatically without entering a login and password.

At the moment of entering the WEB service, MyChat Server checks the token for validity and also looks from which IP address you try to enter. If this IP address does not match the address from which the token is requested, then the authorization attempt is ignored, and the token is destroyed.

It seems that everything is correct, but there is a problem if your browser works via a VPN or proxy. Then your MyChat Client and browser IP will not match. To avoid this limitation, we made the setting for disabling IP address control in the given one-time tokens.

This setting is enabled by default with a performing monitoring because a disabling of this setting is a deliberate lowering of safety requirements.

6. Full list of changes + development history

MyChat 6.7 developing history with developer comments.

MyChat Client

[+] setting to enable the automatic download of attached files;
[+] new Bulletin board;
[+] (Android) ability to view client logs with standard tools without accessing third-party file managers;
[+] (Android) link to the help page on the "About" page;

[*] now you can see another user IP, MAC, HardwareID, computer name and version of the application, if you have the permission to do so;
[*] if a user is a conference moderator he can leave it even though there is a ban for exiting a conference;
[*] improvements for direct files transfer in slow networks;
[*] the speed rate of files direct transfer and receiving are shown in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes per second, depending on the network capabilities;
[*] new tool to view users network information and active processes;
[*] all message dates on the bulletin board are written in UTC format now, which allows you to work comfortably in the program from different time zones;
[*] (Android) redesigned "About" page;
[*] Hardware ID determination function for greater uniqueness is redesigned;

[-] error "Floating point division by zero." when receiving a file of zero length in the notification. Fixed;
[-] error "Access violation at address 00EC575F in module 'mcclient.exe'. Write of address 00000064." when sending files in a private conversation directly to another user. Fixed;
[-] error "Can not open clipboard: Access is denied." when copying text from the chat window to the clipboard. Fixed;
[-] error "List index out of bounds" when viewing conference message history. Fixed;
[-] error "unable to open database file" at the program startup if the conversation history database file is corrupted or used by someone. Fixed;
[-] error "Can not create file" ... \ mcclient.ini ". The process can not access the file, since this file is busy by another process." when you receive changed permission from the server during enabled working time control. Fixed;
[-] error "Access violation at address 0108BBE4 in module 'mcclient.exe'. Read of address 00000008." when processing a damaged common contact list. Fixed;
[-] error "Access violation at address 0108B387 in module 'mcclient.exe'. Read of address 00000058." When rendering messages with smiles, if the smiley-pack on the disk is corrupted. Fixed;
[-] error "The specified file was not found." when connecting the spell checker. Fixed;
[-] identical nicknames and "no name (UIN xxx)" display in the private messages history. Fixed;
[-] invalid time in the drop-down list of received and unread notifications. Fixed;
[-] error when resending a file directly (the file is “busy”). Fixed;
[-] "Access violation at address 0108B394" error with smiley-packs in situations when a history downloads from the server with subsequent opening of a private chat. Fixed;
[-] messages timestamp in the messages history were displayed in the “[ hh:nn:ss]” format, but not in the one that was specified in the program settings. Fixed;
[-] rendering error in the messages history (Alt+H). Text messages from the Android client were not displayed. Fixed;
[-] (Android) connection to server with a set server password problems. Fixed;

MyChat Server

[+] (MSL) StrToInt64 and StrToInt64Def functions to convert strings to 64-bit numbers;
[+] (Admin) complete information about all the connections by different types of client applications in the user profile view.
[+] (Admin) a setting to disable IP address in tokens when login into MyChat Services without a password;
[+] (MSL) mHTTPSendGetMessage function to execute HTTP GET requests;
[+] (MSL) mClearConsole function to clear the text console in the script editor;
[+] (MSL) CRC32 function to calculate the CRC32 checksum from a string;
[+] (MSL) DecodeBase64 function to convert a text string from a base64 representation to a plain text;
[+] DecodeURL function to decode a string from the URL-format into a plain text;
[+] (MSL) DecodeUU function to decode a string from the UU-format into a plain text;
[+] (MSL) EncodeBase64 function to convert the source text string to a base64 representation;
[+] EncodeURL function to encode a string into a URL format;
[+] (MSL) EncodeUU function to encode a string into the UU-format;
[+] HMAC_MD5 function to get a hash code of a key-based string using the HMAC method and the MD5 algorithm;
[+] HMAC_SHA1 function to get a hash code of a key-based string using the HMAC method and the SHA1 algorithm;
[+] (MSL) MD5 function to get the MD5 hash code from the text string;
[+] (MSL) SHA1 function to get the SHA1 hash code from the text string;
[+] (MSL) StrToHex function to convert the original binary string byte into a hexadecimal text representation;
[+] (Admin) setting for limiting the number of an update file simultaneous downloads;

[*] (MyChat Guest) if you send invitations to the same email several times, then new accounts will not be created anymore, and the server will use an existing account;
[*] (Admin) in the "Users", "Moderators" section the right part with detailed information does not show up if the list is empty;
[*] (MSL) mHTTPSendPostMessage function returns the received data in the UNICODE encoding.
[*] (Admin) the password for server connection also controls and removes spaces at the beginning and the end of the line;
[*] (MSL) mSetUserAttribute function is supplemented by a large number of attributes for user data changing;

[-] (Admin) impossible to change the domain name in the user profile in "User Management". Fixed;
[-] error "Error when reading IDAT chunk data. File may be corrupted." when importing users from a domain with corrupted photos. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) in old browsers some of the interaction functions do not work with the console. Messages do not display because of this issue. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) when you import the users from the domain and configure the field reassignment, the photos do not import. Fixed;
[-] (Core) errors when importing user photos from the domain. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) LDAP connection with the encryption to import users from the domain does not work sometimes. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) impossible to add a conference in the "Users", "Moderators" section. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) time was displayed with an offset without UTC correction in the "Users", "Users list" section, in the "Last connection" field. Fixed;
[-] "JPEG Error 60: Invalid JPEG file structure: missing SOS marker" error when importing corrupted user photos from the domain. Fixed;
[-] errors while saving text multi-line fields of different data in the server database. Garbage symbols adds to the end of the line. Fixed;
[-] error when updating from older versions. Names of auto-generated conferences are lost sometimes. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) access rules to the forum and groups of users misplaced in the rights management. Fixed;
[-] after the creation of the conference, closed with a password from MyChat Client, this password shows up in the conference subject before conferences lists update. Fixed;
[-] incorrect system operation for deleting/blocking inactive users. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) upper block of templates choice in configuration templates is blocked. Fixed;Исправлено;
[-] (MSL) event scripts selective disconnection doesn't work, all scripts are disabled. Fixed;
[-] updating problem from older versions: if there is a script for the OnPrivateMessage event it is overwritten with the standard Telegram integration script. Fixed;
[-] updating problem from older versions: the user profile field “Work-Country” resets. Fixed;
[-] Help errors (wrong numeration of countries, languages, organization types directories etc.). Fixed;
[-] error with sending a deferred alert to the MyChat Client. The server hangs up and don’t allow the login to the user. Fixed.

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