MyChat 7.7 — messenger for enterprise collaboration

  1. What's new?
  2. Full list of changes + development history
  3. How to update to the latest version?

1. What's new?

In general, MyChat 7.7 is a version with fixed bugs and improved performance. We fixed more than forty errors and laws of various degrees of difficulty. There are no big innovations, but we highly recommend to update.

In Linux and macOS versions of MyChat you can enter the Admin Panel without typing a password (as in у Windows version, Ctrl+F10, with a token):

MyChat Client 7.7 Admin Panel in Linux Ubuntu

Added the command mychat://quit for shutting down MyChat in URI API (MyChat protocol integration with a browser).

We have also made commands get bugs, get logs, and get logs today for getting ZIP protocol archives quickly. The program chooses logs it needs and packing them into one file. Then it opens the Windows Explorer with already selected file.

A new configuration for MyChat Server Autorun in Windows Windows (if an administrator forgets to enable it during installation):

MyChat Client 7.7 Autorun in Windows

Do not you this option if you run MyChat Server as a service.

2. Full list of changes + development history

Development history with developers' comments

MyChat Client

[+] console commands get bugs, get logs and get logs today for getting ZIP archives with logs;
[+] (API URI) added a command mychat://quit for stopping the application work;
[+] (macOS, Linux) added a tool for managing the server — "Admin";

[*] autosave for messages drafts every 30 seconds (if an OS freezes or power goes off);
[*] you can open the Help page when a network error occurs in the first run wizard;
[*] if you change a user's authorization type to paswordless, the connection performs even if you specify a password, and the account type changes automatically after connection;
[*] if an error occurs that deals with wrong settings or issues with accessing MyChat internal services, a browser opens on the Help page with explanations of what to do is such a situation;
[*] improved application start on slow computers with a small amount of RAM (Intel Celeron, Intel Core 2 Duo, and lower);
[*] in the window for an incoming call, autofocus is no longer placed on the cancel button to avoid accidental cancellations if a person is typing on the keyboard;
[*] if you choose a server in the accounts manager, you immediately switch to it;
[*] logging the process of blocking/unblocking in Windows session;
[*] deleting special links in a message text using Backspace;
[*] after inserting the draft with text to the message input window, the cursor automatically moves at the end of the text;
[*] messages about MyChat Client errors are sent on your server and stored in the folder "C:\ProgramData\MyChat Server\errors\clients\";
[*] removed setting for autoscrolling text (Ctrl+Alt+A) from a context menu in conferences and private dialogues;

[-] error when receiving delayed files from FTP server, if the option "Files", "Accept files from users in the contact list without asking" in on. Fixed;
[-] when inserting a text from the clipboard in a multicast message window using Ctrl+V and Shift+Ins, the text duplicates twice. Fixed;
[-] error ID #D2F20000 when launching MyChat Client repeatedly without completing the work of the first run wizard;
[-] processing an error if there are files for a client on built-in FTP server that disabled or unavailable due to technical reasons;
[-] error ID #F8840000 unable to open database;
[-] error ID #20D60000 unable to open database;
[-] error when starting the application, if the repeat start performs in an overloaded system, terminal server, and slow CPU (or virtual machine);
[-] error ID #EE4F0000 ESQLiteError database is locked;
[-] error ID #94BA0000 ESQLiteError database is locked;
[-] error ID #BC570000 when updating from older versions (higher then 6.1.0);
[-] sometimes, after exiting a suspend mode, MyChat does not connect to the server. Fixed;
[-] fixed error ID# 1C630000, "ESQLiteError, no such column: name";
[-] rendering error of deleted messages: empty entries displayed in history after opening a dialogue. Fixed;
[-] when typing a message, and a text is too long that it goes to a new line , the cursor moves at the beginning of the text. Fixed;
[-] sometimes MyChat Client does not connect to the server after being in a suspend mode. Fixed;
[-] error ID #A5FC0000 occurs sometimes after updating from previous versions. It deals with history database conversion. Fixed;

MyChat Server

[+] (GUI) the option in the main menu for switching on/off Autorun for MyChat Server with Windows;
[+] (Admin) ability to select all tree-like list elements; invert and remove selection for all entries in the context menu in the contact list management;

[*] (Admin) in FTP settings, added control for matching paths for a private and public directory;
[*] when creating a user, you can specify an authorization type: basic or passwordless. Users with domain authorization can be added only via domain import;
[*] automatic restart of the built-in TURN server if an administrator restarts the WEB server for some reason;
[*] (Admin) added editing for IP addresses in filters;
[*] improved control for repeated start of MyChat Server;
[*] if an error occurs on the server, the system asks the Administrator to send a bug report to developers and opens Explorer with the folder where errors logs are located;

[-] (Admin) in logs viewer, if timestamps match to milliseconds, the sorting displays incorrectly. Fixed;
[-] fixed issue when you could add addresses divided by commas in IP filters;
[-] error ID #00B6372C, ESQLiteError, "unable to open database file" when starting the server and connecting system logs databases;
[-] error ID #48060000, ESQLiteError, "database is locked" after restarting the server;
[-] once a day the statistics of sent messages, traffic, etc. in the server GUI resets to zero. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) error when renaming a group of users. Fixed;
[-](Admin) when activating a user profile on MyChat Server, his nickname's letters change to lower case. Fixed;
[-] error ID #7F2B0000 occurs sometimes after deleting users in Admin Panel. Fixed;
[-] a group can't be deleted in the common contact list if it has users or subgroups. Fixed;
[-] (Admin) groups can't be selected in the common contacts list which makes impossible to delete or rename them. Fixed.

6. How to update to the latest version?

Both commercial and free versions are updated in the same way. The server is updated first, then the clients. In general, this process is performed automatically.

Instruction for updating MyChat

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