MyChat 5.20 — Kanban project management tool

June 9, 2016 MyChat got a new tool for projects managing. It is simple but very powerful. At the moment Kanban works in the beta version status, fully free.

  1. Kanban board
  2. New fast server
  3. Speed improving of the voice and video calls
  4. Full list of changes

1. Kanban board

This tool is useful for any company, regardless the quantity of employees. Kanban allows you to see all projects entirely. What stage are there potential problems? How to solve the problem and what is happening with the project at all?

Kanban will give you answers to these questions very quickly.

We have already begun to use this instrument for internal company projects, for planning, developing and testing tasks.

You can enter to projects managing directly from MyChat Client pressing Ctrl+F1:

All users have the access to the projects managing board by default. You also can enter into it either from chat program or any network place, by browser.

Quantity of projects, their stages, number of tasks and comments are not limited.

At this moment Kanban tool is in beta version state. It is developing constantly, we are waiting for your posts and wishes on official support forum.

2. New fast server

The MyChat Server was fully migrated to the new development system, with total UNICODE support. The starting and working processes of the MyChat Server become faster. Beside this, embedded FTP server supports national characters in the file names correctly.

Version 5.20 allows the parallel login by the same account login into chat and Kanban/Admin Console. The chat user isn’t disconnected from the server in forced mode.

3. Speed improving of the voice and video calls

Now for video call we use the actual fresh version of modern codec VP9 by Google. In version 5.20 the call connecting process was increased twice.

Calls can work not only in the win32 MyChat Client program and also in browser without any add-ons.

4. Full list of changes

MyChat Client

[+] now MyChat Client determines correctly the new OS versions (Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016) for better compatibility;
[+] now constant for private information lists settings: HOME_BIRTHDAY_WITHOUT_YEAR (date of birth, only day and month, without year);

[*] for video calls we start using the actual version of progressive codec by Google — VP9;
[*] the speed of media was doubled;

[-] offline private messages, which were sent into chat by IntegrationAPI, didn’t show in the client’s messages history. Fixed;
[-] the nicknames weren’t shown in messages, which were sent by IntegrationAPI technology. Fixed;

MyChat Server

[+] new project management tool: Kanban board (beta version);

[*] now you can enter into administering web-console and kanban-board under own account (Ctrl+F10 and Ctrl+F1). Server doesn't disconnect your win32 MyChat Client, already connected under same account;
[*] the speed of server start process and its common work were increased;
[*] now internal FTP server “understand” the international encoding symbols (UNICODE) in the files names;
[*] (IntegrationAPI) now all private messages which send by IntegrationAPI, logging on the server;
[*] (IntegrationAPI) the libraries mychat.dll (x32 and x64) for IntegrationAPI access were updated; the component for work with 1С was also updated, x64 version was added;

[-] (Core) during the new web support users registration they fell into the Guests rights group instead WEB guests. Fixed;
[-] (Core) during the users re-importing operation from domain the gender field was overwritten by empty data. Fixed;
[-] (Scripts) fixed function GetUINSListByRole.

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