Send a file to a conference or private dialogue. MyChat Client must be launched.


If you send a file to a conference, then you must be a member of it. If you send a file to a user, he must be registered on the server.



Send a file "accounts.xlsx" to a chat for a user UIN 3, then maximize the application and switch to a private dialogues with this person:

"C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\NSS\MyChat Client\mcclient.exe" /sendfile -user=3 -file="E:\Projects\accounts.xlsx" -show


Send a file "polish.ini" to a conference UID = 2, do not maximize MyChat Client, work in a "silent" mode:

"C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\NSS\MyChat Client\mcclient.exe" /sendfile -conf=2 -file="C:\public\languages\polish.ini"


Description of parameters




user UIN if you send a file for one person. Parameters -user and -conf mutually exclusive;


conference UID if you send a file to a conference. Parameters -user and -conf mutually exclusive;


full path to a sent file, in double quotes;


maximize MyChat Client application, put a focus on it, and switch to a user or conference where you send a file. If you do not specify the parameter then the application works in a "silent mode"  with tray notification regarding sent file status.


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