In this section we listed all command line keys that can be used for MyChat installation and work (the client application for Windows).


Install/uninstall keys


installing the client-program to the specified folder;


exiting MyChat Client from the memory before installation;


complete deleting of the user profile or uninstalling the program;


start installing or uninstalling the program with full logging of the process;


installing or uninstalling the program with no questions, only displaying the process window;


installing or uninstalling the client-program in the "silent"-mode, no questions for the user;

Keys for the installed program mcclient.exe


open the account manager after launch;


automatic connection to MyChat Server and registration of a new user by using his name in the system;


adding the server and user account and then connecting to the server;


launch the program in debugging mode of extended logging;


launch the program in debug mode for voice and video call module;


finishing work and exiting MyChat from the memory without questions;


launching MyChat Client with the configuration file(server address and parameters + user with password);


maximize MyChat Client window to full screen after launch;


minimize the MyChat Client window to the taskbar immediately after launch;


launching the client without using transparent domain authorization;


connecting to the server under the specified existing user;


send a file to a conference or private dialogue;


show MyChat Client window after launch;


key for the forced launching of MyChat Client Setup Wizard.


force minimizing of MyChat Client window.