A list of online conferences on MyChat Server


A list of working conferences

Here you can see a list of all text conferences that are currently on the server and have at least one user in them. View information about conference unique identifier (UID), name and topic, creator and time of creation, number of people, number of sent messages.


See if it's allowed to leave the conference, its type (automatic adding of all user to groups of free entrance), synchronization status, if there is a password for entrance.


You can delete any conference from the list. In this case all users will be automatically kicked out.


Conference users. How to manage them?

If you press on some conference, a list of users will be displayed on the bottom of the window. You can kick any user from the conference (except Elisa the built-in bot, if a conference is created automatically). You can also view conference password, if it's hidden from third-party access.