Server administrationCtrl+F10

Quick access to Admin Panel in a browser without typing the server login and password.


Kanban project management

Quick access to the system for projects and tasks management for other users.


Users searchAlt+F

How to search for people registered on the server by using email, full names, or nicknames. Extended search.




Multitask messages


Bulletin board


Broadcast messages



Access to your intranet forum on MyChat Server in a WEB browser.


MyChat Distrib Maker

Open the service for creating ready setup files for MyChat Client with any settings.


Sending invitations

Invite a person to the chat via email. Use a built-in service MyChat Guest


View received files from other users; access to common and personal files on MyChat Server.


Bulletin board

Common Bulletin board. View history, create new messages.


Message history

A full history of received and sent messages (private dialogues, conferences, notifications). Search bar and filters are provided.


My favorite conferences

A list of multi-user conferences where you get after connection to the server.


Ignore lists

Managing a list of users that you ignore  in the chat (messages, sounds, file transfer, etc.)


Block the program

Block MyChat Client window from others eyes. Click on the icon in the system tray (near clock indicator) and enter your account password.