MyChat is software with own server for secure corporate collaboration.


MyChat works well both over the internet and local network of any complexity. The program works reliably in slow networks with long pings. It is routed well and able to work via NAT and proxy. Integration with Active Directory allows deployment via GPO with transparent authorization. MSI package provided. MyChat imports people with photos and company structure to a tree-like contact list for all employees via LDAP. It also works well in terminal sessions.


Client applications provided for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and WEB. The server is for Windows systems. The traffic and databases reliably encrypted. Automatic update system.


Developed system of Rights and Restrictions. WEB Admin Panel with extended features. Automatic synchronization of message history from the server.


Private messages, conferences; file and image transfer of any size; calls and video calls with perfect quality and low requirements for the network speed. A built-in forum, internal FTP server, and Kanban board for managing projects and tasks; broadcasts with read receipts and common Bulletin board.


A Distrib Maker and MyChat Guest are systems for inviting people to the corporate chat without registration and software installation.


MyChat is an open system with a public protocol and scripts on the server. Integration API for binding with other software, plugins, ready integration with 1ะก, Telegram, phpBB, Java, C#, Delphi, Python, and REST.


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