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Alona Kutsenko
The brackets show the date when a new feature was created or when a bug was fixed.

[+] new feature;
[*] fixed bug or improved feature;
[-] fixed bug.

MyChat Client
[+] (06.04.2019) double-click on a phone number in a user profile or fields HOME_PHONE, HOME_CELLULAR or WORK_PHONE opens the program (deals with the protocol CALLTO in the system) to dial a phone number;
[+] (06.03.2019) a console command "backup" for making backup copies of MyChat Client databases;
[+] (05.30.2019) command line key /debug for extended debugging mode;
[+] (05.13.2019) inserting Excel table data to the chat and copying incoming message from the chat back to Excel;
[+] (05.13.2019) (WEB, Linux, Mac) added display for links on network resources, but they do not work as browsers can't view computer network folders;
[+] (05.13.2019) added a context menu to the message input field for configuring its height;

[*] (06.04.2019) improved speed when working with databases on HDD;
[*] (05.31.2019) settings for displaying large images in the chat . "Settings", "Messages", "Show images in chat text", "Very big";
[*] (05.30.2019) removed the console command repairdb;
[*] (05.29.2019) automatic size determination for images sent to the chat (for now, only png and jpeg);
[*] (05.22.2019) improved tool for automatic search of MyChat Server in a local network in the first launch wizard and section for editing servers;
[*] (05.22.2019) removed automatic files downloading in incoming notifications;
[*] (05.15.2019) removed the mode "on top of all windows" for all MyChat Client tools to avoid issues with windows overlapping in the chat;
[*] (05.13.2019) when you type text in the program window, the focus automatically switches to the input field;

[-] (06.04.2019) error when processing private dialogues. The program "freezes" or the icon flashes on the taskbar even if all messages are read. Fixed;
[-] (05.21.2019) fixed errors with downloading files from the server with the same names. Files were not always rewritten or duplicated were made (depends on settings);
[-] (05.21.2019) (Setup) the option "Add a shortcut to a quick launch panel" does not work anymore for Windows 10. This feature works in Windows 7, 8, and 8.1;
[-] (05.21.2019) (Setup) the option "How to set up the program" in the end of installation process does not work. Fixed;
[-] (05.18.2019) database update error for users with transparent authorization in a domain. Fixed;
[-] (05.15.2019) (Android) photos made from the camera are stored with the wrong format (.PNG instead of .JPG). Fixed;
[-] (05.15.2019) fixed errors with searching and selecting online/registered users in windows for sending broadcasts and multicasts;

MyChat Server
[+] (06.04.2019) a technology for MyChat intermediate (minor) updates;
[+] (05.13.2019) (MSL) functions mlncUIN and mDecUIN for sorting out registered users one by one;
[+] (05.13.2019) (Admin) new rule for "Kanban" — "Full access";

[*] (05.17.2019) (MSL) the function mGetUsersListByParams is supplemented with the paraeter "All" for choosing all registered users;
[*] (05.16.2019) (MSL) accelerated function mDeleteUserFromCommonContacts;
[*] (05.16.2019) (Setup) automatic determination of Windows version and installation of a special version of TURN server for old Windows XP OS and Server 2003;
[*] (05.16.2019) (Setup) automatic deleting of MyChat Server from the Autorun section in the Registry if you install it as a system service;

[-] (05.29.2019) (Support) an error occurs after disconnecting a user due to his inactivity. Fixed;
[-] (05.24.2019) error when importing users to a common contact list. Only first user from a group gets to the list. Other users are ignored or placed to the group with a higher level. Fixed;
[-] (05.21.2019) fixed errors with users list import from CSV file;
[-] (05.16.2019) (Update) error when updating databases from older versions. Rights groups are duplicated on the server. Fixed;
[-] (05.15.2019) (Support) when an operator deletes a message, it remains in the visitor's chat. Fixed;
[-] (05.11.2019) (Admin) when deleting a user from the database in the section "Users list", he stays in groups as a "phantom". Fixed.
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Alona Kutsenko
MyChat Client
[+] (05.13.2019) inserting Excel table data to the chat and copying incoming message from the chat back to Excel.

Working with Excel data in MyChat Client
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MyChat Client
[*] (05.29.2019) automatic size determination for images sent to the chat (for now, only png nad jpeg).

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Alona Kutsenko
MyChat Server
[+] (06.04.2019) a technology for MyChat intermediate (minor) updates.

For example, from the version 7.4.1, 7.4.2, etc. To do this, update the server, and the clients will be updated automatically.

The minor version support compatibility. For example, the client v.7.4.2 is able to work with the server v.7.4.0 and viсe versa.