The table always display first two fields: user gender and UIN (unique numeric identifier). UIN is applied automatically when creating a new account.

regular accountbasic account;

head of departmentchief department;

blocked accountblocked account


You can show or hide columns with user data. To do this, press the button "Customize":


Configuring a list of fields that shown in "User management" on MyChar Server




Displayed name

how a user's name displayed in the chat according to template. Usually it is a "mix" of a name, last name, and additional fields as internal phone or short name of the department;


short name that a user registered on the server. If this is a domain user, his domain will be applied;


main email address;

Rights group

rights group of a user;

Last connection

date/time of user's last connection to the server. If you imported an account from a domain or registered the account on the server manually, then "never" displayed instead of date/time;


user's account date/time;

Domain name

domain full name imported from Active Directory.