Welcome to MyChat!

Welcome to MyChat!

MyChat — is a program for network communication by text messages, voice and video calls.


You can communicate one-to-one, as in widely known messengers such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. MyChat allows you to create open and private conferences for several people at the same time. A tree-like contact panel will help you to find a person you need and orient oneself in a company structure.


It is unnecessary to have the Internet connection to work in MyChat, because the program works perfectly in a local network.


Voice and video calls with good quality and low network speed requirements.


You can use MyChat corporate messenger in a browser, on any device, and operating system.


It is easy to exchange documents in MyChat, as the program makes sure that your files and folders are safely delivered.


MyChat based on the client-server technology. It means that the program routes without problems and "feels" good in any network of any complexity.


MyChat has everything for work and day-to-day communication.


MyChat has minimum traffic requirements and works perfectly even via mobile GPRS connections and slow connection channels.


OpenSSL traffic encryption library provides confidentiality of messaging.


You will forget about upgrading problem. The client program upgrades directly from your chat server.


MyChat can be installed in a network of any complexity via GPO in the Active Directory by an MSI package. You can import users and company structure directly from the domain.


MyChat has its own built-in FTP server. Get two products in one — messenger + FTP server!


Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and WEB client applications.


Intranet forum and Kanban board for project and task management.


Of course, this is not all that MyChat can do.


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